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Our History

Based in Northern California, Stallworth Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) was founded in 1985 by Rachel Stallworth as an independent technical library service for the building industry. In 1999, SEI provided an internet-based, inventory control systems called providing listings of over 5,000 building manufacturers with resources for points of contact. By 2006, SEI provided library services to 50 of the largest architectural and engineering firms in Northern California, New York, NY, Seattle, WA, and Los Angeles, CA all of whom subscribed to

From 2008 to 2012, the Great Recession hit, and the building industry was in turmoil. Libraries were starting to go away, and the market needed new technology to find the products they needed – especially with the growing commitment to sustainability and healthy building materials.

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Based in and Serving Northern California for over 35 years.

Northern California

Our Mission

Stallworth Enterprises Inc. has organized and maintained reference libraries for over 38 years for some of the largest and most respected firms in the building industry. Through the development and use of online technology, Stallworth Digital Libraries will become the building industry's leading internet-library management tool.

Our next generation system tool, Stallworth Digital Libraries was created to serve the needs of architects, engineers, contactors, interior designers, and facility planners. SEI is determined to facilitate increased use of green and sustainable products by supporting LEED, MindfulMaterials, and other healthy building materials and wellness initiatives in commercial, healthcare, hospitality, as well as residential, new construction, maintenance, and repair projects.

Commitment to sustainability

We are committed to facilitate increased use of healthy, sustainable materials and products. We support LEED, Mindful Materials, and additional wellness initiatives by highlighting vetted materials and the manufacturers committed to the collective responsibility of healthy buildings.

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2023 IIDA Distinguished Honoree Award

Rachel Stallworth was recently honored at the Pioneers in Design is the IIDA Northern California Annual Chapter Event 2023, which honors pioneers from the design community who demonstrate innovation and inspiration. The honorees were chosen for having led novel efforts or breakthroughs in practice or implementation and have brought new understanding of the impact design can have on people from the individual to entire communities.

Rachel Stallworth Giving Speech at IIDA 2023
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