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SEI is recognized as the leader in building material and products libraries throughout Northern California in the built environment. Partnering with SEI is an investment in the success of your organization. At SEI, your partnership is exclusive, meaning we are dedicated to helping you focus on the growth of your organization. Top manufacturers partner with Stallworth Enterprises for several reasons including:

  • Showcasing and aligning your company brand with the Stallworth Digital Library Tool
  • Increasing your reach to an influential audience of architects, designers, engineers, and   construction professionals with decision-making power in our industry.
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Partner with us and add your binder to the shelf.  Be one of the most visual binders on the site, categorized by CSI category.

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Each partnership category is tailored to maximize your ability to reach design industry professionals and meet your company’s growth objectives.

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Stallworth Digital Libraries Logo
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Stallworth Digital Libraries Logo
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Your company and your reps will be featured on our website for one month.  Designers, architects, and engineers can get to your reps quickly without even having to log into SDL.  You remain listed for one year.

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3 to 4 Reps
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If you've chosen a free plan, all you need to do is fill out this form below to receive a custom login. If you want a premium plan, please schedule a call to discuss pricing and services. If you are a manufacturer rep, you have been listed for free. You must schedule a call to see how you are listed.

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Sponsorship Benefits

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Users find your products just like a traditional library.

Links to your website or Lookbooks
Interior and Exterior Products & Materials

only 100 Spaces Available
Stand out as one of only 100 on the QuickLook Shelf

$1000 indroductory offer
Until August 2023 - price increases to $3,000

Be featured around the website, just like these manufacturers have been.

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