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Rulon International
Wendy Williams
Verified: Environmental Product Declaration FSC responsible forestryUSGBC LEED 4HPD 2.2 VerifiedIndoor Air Quality Certification

Some Recent Rulon Projects:

Project: Pinterest
Product: Aluratone 750
Product Description: Micro-perforated veneer with an acoustically engineered substrate designed for performance without the loss of aesthetics.

Project: Boston Private Bank
Product Description
: Single-part, large- format vertical wood boards with customizable sizes, spacings, and contours. Curved, segmented, or varied-profile formats allow for a range of design layouts.

Project: Splunk 700 Santana Row
Product: Continuous Cubes
Product Description: Open, cell-like ceiling system with maximum yield open area to contribute to sound attenuation, plenum access, and simple MEP integration. Wood mains and cross-tees replace a standard grid system to provide an all-wood appearance.

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